About Us

Chairman: Advance Group of Companies ( AGOC )

A visionary leader Mr. Arun Karn is well acknowledged entrepreneur in the country. He enjoys many success story of driving sustained profitable business deriving of a result oriented, self driven & resourceful passionate personality. Mr. Karn is also accredited for revival of sick industries .

An ADP of Wharton (No. 1 ranked business school around the Globe) is founder Chairman of the group. He is known for employment engagement that creates conducive work environment ensuring the personal and professional growth for deserving personnel.

A change driver duly equipped with advanced strategies & supported with efficient and effective Team contributed the group to reach current status of an emerging Cement conglomerate, driven by research and strategic thinking on a global scale. The positive results manifest in the exponential growth of the company even during periods of economic turbulence is yet another milestone, he achieves .

Mr.Karn is a present generation business person accountable for many innovations in the industrial sector.Prompt delivery and superior quality of projects, exclusive and personalized customer services, solid action to ensure sustainability, and high degree of efficiency of both processes and people are the factors that he has untiringly worked to instill into the culture of his organization.

He has institutionalized innovation within the organization so that every employee learns to be an innovator and rewarded for their contribution. He has been an inspirational leader who utilizes negotiation skills gained over 20 years of extensive experience in business sectors and strongly connects to the grass root levels, believes in “bottom-up approach” and has the ability to see the Big Picture and translate to reality. .

Mr. Karn actively engages in philanthropic, social and CSR activities to help the under privileged population of the country and hopes to make Nepal an active marker in the world, in terms of both economic and social development.