Hotel Services by Advance Group
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The Hotel consists in the creation of a centrally located Four-star hotel in the city of Kathmandu that offers a good standard service at a very competitive price, aiming, primarily, to reach people who travel for on city-break tourists that visit Kathmandu for two or three days and search for a central place to stay, sustaining a solid occupation during the weekend.
The hotel will offer to customers a good accommodation and breakfast service by providing a comfortable place to relax and rest at a competitive price and with free Wi-Fi disposable, having available other services for an additional fee. Regarding to Food and Beverage services, the Hotel will also be available any Bar or Restaurant.
A competitive pricing will be based on a strategy of cost leadership that will put in the center of management focus the optimization of operations and processes to reduce the costs and resources used. In addition, a very close monitoring of competition will be implemented to assure the maintenance of a competitive offer. It should also be noted that the hotel offers a prime location. It is going to be built on Kathmandu, a landmark in the more highlighted commercial and business area and with easy access to the main public transportation networks.

Vision: Grow up on a consolidated and sustainable basis, aiming to set up a Hotel chain and to be a reference in the hospitality industry.
Mission: Provide hosting services at quite competitive prices to business and city-break guests who value centrality and a good bed and breakfast service.

• Hospitality – focus on the customers, promoting an exceptional guest experience.
Efficiency – offer a good service with the adequate resources.
• Respect – respect the Hotel environment, treating the co-workers and guests accurately, as well as, having a sustainable behavior to the society and the region.
• Loyalty – create a mutually trust relationship with Hotels´guests and shareholders.
• Integrity – conduct the business ethically and responsibly.